Our approach

Report-based consultancy is dead. 

We know this because instead of lecturing our clients, we listen to them. You’ve told us that you don’t want over-engineered advice that is out of date before you even see it; but real-time insight you can use today.

That’s why we've spent years building and perfecting a suite of specialist tools which do just that. What used to take 12 months and needed a lengthy report to explain now takes just 10 minutes at the click of a button. By placing our IP at your fingertips, our software will save you time, money and mitigate your risks.

As much as we love working with you, what we love even more is empowering you not to need us. Isn’t this what consultancy should be all about anyway?

Welcome to Kinesis: we do things differently here.


OUR products

They’re unparalleled.

Every tool in our product range was developed by our in-house team of software engineers and subject specialists. This means that our tools have been built specifically to meet the needs of our clients. 

Custom built and continually developed, our growing cloud based software suite comprises CCAP IntegratedCCAP Precinct and CCAP City. Each piece of technology shares the same DNA, which means, when used together, they generate a rich and unique picture of our urban fabric. 

Because we built our software ourselves we’re not tied to any derivative enterprise licenses or restrictive contracts. This means we can, and do, continually reinvest our time and profits back into developing and improving our products. It also means we can provide exceptional response time for specific customisation requests as well as innovate new ‘fit for purpose’ functionalities – which we then share with our entire customer base.

We think you’ll be hard pushed to find this kind of continued development and agility anywhere else.

OUR People

We’re subject matter experts.

When you licence CCAP, you licence more than just good software.

You licence access to our award winning team of technical, scientific, economic, urban planning and policy analysts who have unmatched experience in the delivery of sustainability solutions across local, state and federal governments and the corporate sector.

Because we’re more than just a technology company; we’re subject matter experts with extensive experience in our sectors. And unlike most consultancies, the people you meet are the people you work with.

As well as access to this expertise, the strength of our people also means that our software is grounded in a meaningful understanding of the complex issues you face. That means we have a genuine interest in ensuring our products and services make a real difference to your business and the planet, and believe the best results come from strong collaborative partnerships.