Step change your net-zero impact

The hardest part of getting to net-zero is choosing the right path

Get access to technology with the power to integrate, aggregate and curate diverse data sets, and guide your investment in a net-zero future.


If net-zero is your goal, you need a game plan

While Kinesis takes a data driven, analytical approach to eliminating your carbon footprint, it’s one that also considers the impact of your actions on every person, community, and environment you contact. The result?

A plan that converts strategy into meaningful action and practical, quantifiable outcomes. With Kinesis, a unique combination of public policy, strategy and operational expertise is at your fingertips, via a technology platform that will step change your net-zero impact.

Some of the organisations that rely on our technology

Sydney Olympic Park Authority
NSW Government
City of Melbourne
Resilient Cities
Better Buildings Partnership
C40 Cities
Deakin University
City of Sydney
Flow Systems
AMP Bank
City of Paramatta
Frasers Property
Brisbane City
Curtin University
Queensland Government
City of Darebin
La Trobe University

Measuring the problem creates measured solutions

Quantification is the key to net-zero progress, but all too often, it’s the missing ingredient. At Kinesis, we focus on sophisticated modelling, deep analysis and user-friendly technology platforms that provide you with the evidence to act decisively and effectively. Not just in the best interests of your organisation, but the world and everyone in it.

What makes us different?

Your journey to net-zero is unique. So are we.

Our philosophy

Anyone tasked with managing a zero-carbon transformation knows there’s no such thing a simple answer, much less a ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s the power of Kinesis. Our combination of expertise in public policy, strategy and operations is one no competitor can yet match. With that unique IP built into our tech platform, we can connect different streams of information in new ways, make your data reveal its secrets and ultimately, shorten the distance between you and net-zero.

Our process

Decisions are only as accurate as the data that informs them. A truth never more critical than in the accelerated times in which we now live. Over-engineered advice that’s obsolete before you even receive it is something you can no longer afford. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting a tech platform that delivers real-time knowledge. With Kinesis as your net-zero partner, you’ll save time, money, mitigate risk and see the bigger picture as never before.

Our products

At the heart of Kinesis is a powerful combination. Years of human expertise and insight, backed by a field-proven analytics and modelling platform that drives evidence-based decisions.

Our people

When we say ‘how you get to net-zero matters’, a big part of it is the Kinesis team that helps you draw the map. When you licence our platform, you’re not just buying software; you’re investing in award-winning technical, scientific, economic, urban planning and policy analysts who have unmatched experience in the delivery of sustainability solutions across all levels of government and the corporate sector. What’s more, we strive to give our clients not just insight, but outsight; the power to discover previously unknown external relationships. The result is the most informed and effective decision you can make.

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