Our small but experienced team includes established and emerging leaders in the fields of urban planning, scientific analysis, economics, policy analysis, stakeholder engagement and software engineering. We believe our size is our best asset, keeping us at the leading edge of technological innovation and providing us with the agility to continually explore new ways of building the capacity of our clients.

Bruce taper


With over 20 years experience in sustainability and planning, Bruce brings an innovative and unconventional approach to overcoming the challenges of strategic urban design. Former Director of Sustainability and Metropolitan Planning for the NSW Department of Planning, Bruce’s expertise lies in his capacity to utilise emerging technologies to deliver smart, equitable and enabling solutions. Since founding Kinesis in 2007 Bruce has stewarded the delivery of game-changing work for clients, including the groundbreaking PRECINX rating tool for Landcom, and the Decentralised Energy Master Plan for the City of Sydney.



With 10 years experience working across Australian and American cities in both the public and private sectors, David has focused on transforming the way we integrate city planning, development and urban sustainability. David specialises in the analysis of data for planning policy, land use, transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and stormwater to create sustainable urban forms that both mitigate, and are adaptable to, the climate problem. As the resident all round ‘nice-guy’, our clients go out of their way to work on projects with David.



A dedicated technologist, Chris leads our software engineering team with a breadth of experience and knowledge, building beautiful, functional and scalable applications. Leveraging experience both in the large enterprise and in open source, Chris continues to push the boundaries of Kinesis’ suite of tools.


Associate Director

With degrees in Computer Engineering and Mathematics, Julie worked for 11 years in the finance industry, initially at Macquarie Bank and most recently at Barclays Capital in London as an Associate Director in the Quantitative Analytics Group. Having completed a Masters in Sustainable Development, she now works closely with the analyst and development teams of Kinesis to manage the delivery of analytical tools, combining mathematical rigour with domain expertise to deliver bespoke analysis and production quality software models.


head of client engagement 

Max heads up Kinesis' strategic client services and business development. A former communications strategist in the advertising industry, Max has ‘seen the light’ and now specializes in assisting organisations leverage the power of technology to streamline internal data management processes and reporting in line with their corporate strategy. Max holds a Masters in Sustainable Development from the University of Exeter and Bachelor of Media & Communications from the University of Sydney.




Tu is Kinesis' resident maths genius. He joined Kinesis in 2010 while studying the maintenance of large scale electricity grids, generators and motors, foundations of renewable energy generation technologies, as well as solving problems in conventional small scale electronics circuitry. Tu is a gifted analyst who contributes significantly to our modelling tools and client work.



David joined Kinesis in 2013 as a web developer after returning from 7 years living in Tokyo. He now plays an integral part in the conceptualisation and implementation of Kinesis’ web technologies. A fast learner, David uses his unique skills to deliver quality solutions to difficult problems. Outside of work, David enjoys playing music, movies, rock climbing and eating oversized sandwiches.



Prior to joining Kinesis in 2014, Justin was an intern at a technology startup, where he completed a web development training program. With a passion for both graphic design and software development, Justin is a great addition to the development team as a front end web developer. In his spare time, he enjoys creating digital art, animations, and games.



James is a veteran software developer, architect and agile project manager with over 15 years experience across multiple industries, products and clients. James is an all-rounder, who enjoys working closely with clients to design and prioritise features, architecting systems, writing code and designing and refining team processes. Newly turned fitness nut, he can show you a perfect plank, push up and increasingly tougher exercises.

Rachel Ragell

Data Analyst

Rachel is our 'first responder' for data management and support across our suite of tools. She holds first class honours in statistics from Sydney University and is passionate about increasing the number of women in science and tech industries. In her spare time, Rachel helps out on a number of online media productions.




Andy is a crucial member of our data analyst team, managing our on-going relationship with a range of utilities and third party data providers across Australia. Andy holds honours in Psychology from UNSW, and spends his free time playing with EEG and MRI machines so one day he can achieve his life long ambition of being able to read minds.

Rod Bondoc


Rod is Kinesis’ Python guy. He joined Kinesis in 2016 in his quest to learn domain knowledge for his plans to pursue his postgrad in Information Technology with focus on Artificial Intelligence. He does not back down from problems and tackles them strategically. Rod is a big fan of the NBA and can spend the weekend watching basketball and playing the latest of the NBA2K series. He thinks of himself as the ‘2K Overlord’ in his circle of friends.

Mark Agbuya


Mark is a web developer who, having experience in both technical and non-technical roles across numerous projects, has the ability to adapt and work effectively in a team. He loves breakdancing, but when he's not training to perfect the art of spinning on his head, he continues to explore and expand his knowledge of better developer practices.

Harish Moro


Harish is the latest member of our analyst team. After finishing his engineering in ANU and gaining some commercial experience in management consulting, he wanted to pursue his passions in sustainability. Outside of work, he enjoys running and is learning to play the guitar.