Our small but experienced team includes established and emerging leaders in the fields of urban planning, scientific analysis, economics, policy analysis, stakeholder engagement and software engineering. We believe our size is our best asset, keeping us at the leading edge of technological innovation and providing us with the agility to continually explore new ways of building the capacity of our clients.

Bruce taper


With over 20 years experience in sustainability and planning, Bruce brings an innovative and unconventional approach to overcoming the challenges of strategic urban design. Former Director of Sustainability and Metropolitan Planning for the NSW Department of Planning, Bruce’s expertise lies in his capacity to utilise emerging technologies to deliver smart, equitable and enabling solutions. Since founding Kinesis in 2007 Bruce has stewarded the delivery of game-changing work for clients, including the groundbreaking PRECINX rating tool for Landcom, and the Decentralised Energy Master Plan for the City of Sydney.



With 10 years experience working across Australian and American cities in both the public and private sectors, David has focused on transforming the way we integrate city planning, development and urban sustainability. David specialises in the analysis of data for planning policy, land use, transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and stormwater to create sustainable urban forms that both mitigate, and are adaptable to, the climate problem. As the resident all round ‘nice-guy’, our clients go out of their way to work on projects with David.




Joining Kinesis in 2017, Mark is responsible for driving Kinesis' use of technology and data forward. His goal is to help Kinesis support the ever-growing potential for using data and intelligent analytical approaches for better urban decision making. Mark is also a recognised international speaker, speaking about technology, data and machine learning. He has talked across the US (StrangeLoop), Europe (CUFP), and Asia (YOW Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia).


Vivek Prahlad

Head of Engineering

With over 17 years of experience in software development and technology leadership, Vivek leads Kinesis’ engineering team, where he helps take Kinesis’ unique product suite to the next level. He believes that with the right combination of people, technology, and process, great things can happen. In his free time, he plays the bass guitar, takes footy lessons from his son, wears his daughter’s crocheted beanies, and is the only sane character in his wife’s popular cartoon strip.

Rachel Ragell

Lead Analyst

Rachel is our go-to for number-crunching and analytic work. She holds first class honours in mathematical statistics from Sydney University and is passionate about increasing the number of women in science and tech industries. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys creating and consuming fictional media.


Ria Noche

Product Manager

Ria is responsible for data management and delivering technical analysis to support our clients. She holds a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics, and has problem solved her way through analytics within the banking and digital marketing industries. Outside of work, Ria enjoys cooking and concedes to having an unhealthy obsession for cheese.



Prior to joining Kinesis in 2014, Justin was an intern at a technology startup, where he completed a web development training program. With a passion for both graphic design and software development, Justin is a great addition to the development team as a front end web developer. In his spare time, he enjoys creating digital art, animations, and games.




Tu is Kinesis' resident maths genius. He joined Kinesis in 2010 while studying the maintenance of large scale electricity grids, generators and motors, foundations of renewable energy generation technologies, as well as solving problems in conventional small scale electronics circuitry. Tu is a gifted analyst who contributes significantly to our modelling tools and client work.

Stephen Bell


Steve has been working as a Software Engineer for over 10 years after completing a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He has a passion for sys ops, helping to ensure that our websites stay online, all of the time. When not working, Steve enjoys spending too much money on not enough food, drinking whisky, and running excessively long distances for minimal reward.

Harish Moro


Harish is a member of our analyst team. After finishing his engineering in ANU and gaining some commercial experience in management consulting, he wanted to pursue his passions in sustainability. Outside of work, he enjoys running and is learning to play the guitar.

Rod Bondoc


Rod is Kinesis’ Python guy. He joined Kinesis in 2016 in his quest to learn domain knowledge for his plans to pursue his postgrad in Information Technology with focus on Artificial Intelligence. He does not back down from problems and tackles them strategically. Rod is a big fan of the NBA and can spend the weekend watching basketball and playing the latest of the NBA2K series. He thinks of himself as the ‘2K Overlord’ in his circle of friends.



David joined Kinesis in 2013 as a web developer after returning from 7 years living in Tokyo. He now plays an integral part in the conceptualisation and implementation of Kinesis’ web technologies. A fast learner, David uses his unique skills to deliver quality solutions to difficult problems. Outside of work, David enjoys playing music, movies, rock climbing and eating oversized sandwiches.

Abi Prakash

Data Analyst

Abi joined Kinesis in 2018 to pursue his interests in sustainability and data-driven urban improvement strategies. Involved in a wide range of energy efficiency projects during a five-year engineering cadetship in heavy industry, Abi brings his experience in data analysis and energy modelling to all our products and services. When he’s not deep diving in utility, resource and transportation modelling and providing technical data and analytical support for our clients, Abi enjoys climbing cliff faces around Sydney and the Blue Mountains.


Tom Kunc


Tom joined Kinesis in 2018 while studying Computer Science at UNSW. Most familiar with Python, he works on internal tools as well as client-facing apps. Outside of Kinesis, Tom is a student and casual academic at UNSW, teaches debating and coding skills at high schools, and is a classical singer.


Wendy Bornholdt

Business Manager