CCAP Integrated is an audit-grade sustainability reporting platform that collates disparate data from across your organisation and supply-chain into a ‘single source of truth’.


Why CCAP Integrated?

With the introduction of mandatory energy and greenhouse reporting obligations and rising energy costs, it is imperative that your organisation has access to integrated financial and audit-grade data to measure, track, report and manage your energy use and sustainability performance.

More than just a reporting tool, CCAP Integrated streamlines energy and sustainability management by facilitating the identification of energy efficiency and alternative energy opportunities that can reduce emissions, save money and free precious resources to deliver outcomes rather than simply manage data.

CCAP Integrated is delivered online as software-as-a-service and backed by a team of dedicated professionals.


  • Reduce the cost and time associated with sustainability reporting by streamlining the capture of disparate data into 'one source of truth'.

  • Automate reporting with one-touch NGERS, NCOS, GRESB and LBG reporting.

  • Capture and report disparate qualitative data such as community, well-being and biodiversity data through the Survey Module.

  • Benchmark and normalise performance across your portfolio through customisable intensity reports.

  • Optimise operational performance through viewing and interrogation of sub-meter and interval data.

  • Track performance against asset and organisational level targets.

How it works:


COLLATE your asset and activity data

  • Establish an organisational hierarchy in line with NGER & NCOS standards.

  • Align all data sources to appropriate meters, retailers and providers.


MAP available data to your sustainability strategy

  • Establish an organisational hierarchy in line with NGER & NCOS standards.

  • Align all data sources to appropriate meters, retailers and providers.


AUTOMATE on-going data capture

  • Automatically capture upload data from utilities and other third party suppliers.

  • Capture ‘real-time’ interval data from solar, sub-meters, BMS systems, NMIs.

  • Streamline data collection from internal stakeholders through customisable surveys.


AGGREGATE to ‘one source of truth’

  • Collate data from disparate work silos into one on-line location.

  • Increase data accessibility, security and transparency.


EVALUATE performance

  • View asset performance against KPIs, target intensities & NABERS rating.

  • Compare portfolio performance via Intensity Report of KPI Report.

  • Validate data for completeness and accuracy.


COMMUNICATE to stakeholders

  • Automate customized or fixed reporting templates for annual reporting.

  • ‘One touch’ NGERS, NCOS, GRESB & LBG reporting.

  • Easily capture and export tenant consumption data.


City of Melbourne:

"CCAP Integrated plays a key role in managing our organisation’s emissions impact. It gives us greater structure and transparency to our environmental data, as well as simplifying the management of our high volume and complex retailer billing. This improved management provides the data and evidence we need to identify and drive further improvements across our assets and supply chain."

Kim Le Cerf, Team Leader - Low Carbon Future, City of Melbourne

Frasers Property Australia

"Working with Kinesis has enabled greater sophistication in collecting and visualising the performance of our portfolio. This allows us to better inform our customers, provide a feedback loop into our design process and streamline reporting processes."

Paolo Bevilacqua, General Manager – Sustainability, Frasers Property Australiaa