Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Program


UrbanGrowth NSW


  • Strategic Urban Design 
  • City and precinct scale sustainability 
  • City Revitalisation 
  • District energy and water solutions 
  • Transport and parking solutions 


Kinesis was engaged by Urban Growth to provide sustainability analysis and recommendations for the Parramatta Road Urban Renewal Program.

The purpose was to quantify the performance of various urban renewal scenarios against four agreed criteria or “measures of success”, including:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Transport use
  • Household affordability

This work integrated the land use, urban design, landscape and transport teams to provided analysis beyond simply numbers of jobs and dwellings, but outlined specific performance and quality outcomes for future residents. The results of this work assisted in defining quality density outcomes for urban renewal or “Density done well”.

In addition, infrastructure upgrades were analysed and proposed for key centres along the corridor in order to optimise the renewal of Parramatta Road.

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