Ranked 1st globally for diversified office/industrial/non-listed funds – GRESB 2016 Awards

Client profile

Frasers Property Australia (Frasers Property) is one of Australia’s leading diversified property groups, with over 150 assets across their residential, commercial, retail and industrial portfolios. Frasers Property has been at the forefront of the industry’s sustainability agenda in the office, industrial, retail and residential sectors, pioneering what they call A Different Way of fostering a more sustainable future.

Business Challenge

In July 2015, Frasers Property went to market in search of an environmental data reporting platform that could help reinforce their position as sustainability pioneers in the Australian property sector. Frasers Property had several key requirements that the platform needed to meet in order to achieve its long-term aspirations including:

  • Collect, visualise and report on key environmental data across the entire portfolio.
  • Ability to collect tenancy data, particularly within the industrial portfolio, through which they could actively engage tenants to reduce their consumption.
  • Integration of various sub-meters and interval data connections from NMIs into one source of truth in order to achieve accurate tenancy readings.
  • The development of a NABERS estimator in order to help guide current and future NABERS aspirations.
  • Development of a one touch GRESB report to streamline GRESB reporting requirements.

Description of solution

Kinesis was awarded the contract ahead of several other competitive bids. The proposed solution consisted of a licence to CCAP Integrated, which included the following key deliverables and support services:

  • Implementation of Tenant Data Management Package that covers the acquisition and upload of data for approximately 100 tenancy meters, spanning across 25 retailers. 
  • Connection of several sub-meter and interval data meter providers directly into CCAP Integrated.
  • Weekly review meetings between the Frasers Property Sustainability Team and Kinesis Account Manager to discuss progress and data amends.
  • Strategic support for auditing and reporting.

Kinesis is in the process of working with Frasers Property to develop a NABERS estimator to provide finer grain tracking of their NABERS performance, streamline the accreditation process as well as the development of customised reports which can be provided back to tenants to educate them on consumption in comparison to the wider portfolio.


Frasers Property is one of the first property companies in Australia to actively collect and report tenancy consumption data across their industrial portfolio. This has enabled them to better engage their tenants on consumption reductions, as well as streamlined the GreenStar Portfolio accreditation process.

2016 saw Frasers Property improve their GRESB performance for the fourth year running, being ranked 1st globally for diversified office/industrial/non-listed funds. In early 2016 Frasers secured the industry’s first ever Green Star portfolio rating for commercial and industrial properties.

Working with Kinesis has enabled greater sophistication in collecting and visualising the performance of our portfolio. This allows us to better inform our customers, provide a feedback loop into our design process and streamline reporting processes.
— Paolo Bevilacqua, General Manager, Sustainability Frasers Property Australia