Founding member of c40 climate leadership group


In 2007 the City of Sydney published their Sustainable Sydney 2030 strategy, which outlined key targets for community emissions reductions including:

  • 70% reduction in community emissions by 2030 (2006 baseline).
  • 50% of community electricity demand met by renewable energy sources by 2030.
  • Carbon neutral by 2050.

Over the last 7 years, Kinesis has played an integral role in the delivery of several flagship projects for the City’s Sustainable 2030 strategy. These include the licensing CCAP City as well as the delivery of the Decentralised Energy Master Plan.

Business challenge

In 2015, Kinesis was selected to deliver the City of Sydney’s Environmental Sustainability Platform (ESP), aimed at analysis and reporting of city-wide or top-down datasets. Key requirements included:

  • Housing and analysis of environmental and land use datasets.
  • Conformance with C40 and GPC Reporting.
  • A methodology to disaggregate coarse top-down data to provide suburb and sector-level insights for programs teams.
  • Tracking against the City’s environmental targets.

While this project was underway, Kinesis was also awarded an additional component of the ESP, with the aim of collecting and reporting on “bottom-up” data sets obtained via the various programs run by the City, such as Better Buildings Partnership and CitySwitch.


Description of solution

CCAP City was used by the City of Sydney to integrate top-down and bottom-up datasets to gain unparalleled understanding of the performance of the City.  Our solution included the following key deliverables and support services:

  • A detailed methodology review resulted in data disaggregation tailored to meet the City’s needs in understanding the suburb, sector and end-use breakdowns of their city-level resource consumption and emissions.
  • Use of the City’s floorspace and employment survey data, breaking down governance silos across planning and environmental teams.
  • Sophisticated and flexible analytics for viewing trends, comparisons and intensities across both top-down and bottom-up data.
  • Visually engaging spatial mapping of data sets, including aggregation across spatial hierarchies.
  • Customisable target setting.
  • Saved reports to store and communicate key performance indicators and targets.
  • Automated GPC report generation for city-level reporting.
  • Kinesis services to understand and process incoming programs data across a range of formats.
  • Single sign-on and in-tool assistance for increased tool engagement across the organisation.


CCAP City has provided a flexible platform for combining and analysing the City’s disparate urban data sets. By integrating top-down and bottom-up data in the one solution, the City of Sydney has not only met their immediate need for environmental analysis and reporting, but now has a platform to transition the organisation to data-driven city governance.

This result could not have been achieved without Kinesis’ domain expertise combined with close collaboration with City of Sydney to fully understand their complex data requirements. This thorough understanding enabled Kinesis to build and configure the City’s CCAP tool to meet disparate stakeholder needs in an integrated solution.

Beautifully curated data housed in CCAP City enables the City to take an evidence-based and responsive approach to city planning and management.

The CCAP City tool has transformed the way the City manages and utilises various urban data sets acquired across our Sustainability and Research teams. Not only has it met our immediate requirements of streamlining our community emissions reporting in line with the GPC methodology, the tool will also enable a more responsive, data-driven approach to policy assessment across the city. Throughout the delivery of this solution, the Kinesis team has been professional, adaptive and responsive, using an agile approach to developing a solution for managing the City’s environmental performance data.
— Chris Derksema, Sustainability Director, City of Sydney