Certified carbon neutral council four years in a row


City of Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest metropolitan councils by revenue, managing over 500 assets across their 37km2 LGA. Since publishing their Zero Net Emissions Strategy in 2002, the City has emerged as a leader in Local Government sustainability and environmental reporting, adopting ambitious organisational emissions targets including:

  • Establish and maintain carbon neutrality on all council operations.
  • Set a science-based emissions reduction target of 4.5 per cent per year, to avoid a 1.5°C rise in average global temperatures by 2050 (equating to a 34 per cent reduction in overall emissions over the ten years to 2020).

Business Challenge

In late 2013, Melbourne City Council released an RFQ for an Environmental Data Management System to manage and report the energy, water and emissions across the entire portfolio. The chosen solution needed to complete all internal and external reporting requirements, reduce the time and cost associated with data collection and enable transparent communication of its sustainability performance to internal and external stakeholders.

The specific criteria outlined in the tender required the development of several features to meet the business and reporting obligations of the City, including:

  • One touch NCOS reporting and data structure to support a diverse range of scope in 3 emission sources and assist the city in maintaining carbon neutrality.
  • Live performance feeds to assets for community engagement.
  • Workflow and data management enhancements.

Following a lengthy competitive tender process Kinesis was awarded the contract through a multi-year licence of CCAP Integrated.

Description of solution

In order to ensure a fully functional tool, Kinesis worked closely with City of Melbourne to finalise a complete central list of data points across their 500+ assets and 23 supply chain contractors. This involved mapping Melbourne’s asset portfolio according to both an NGER and NCOS compliant structure, and scoping the complete resource and supply chain data points from utilities data down to the finest level of granularity such as paper and stationary use.

Kinesis was then required to automate data collection from each of these data points into the CCAP Integrated software through direct correspondence with their various providers. Since establishing a functioning platform, Kinesis continues to provide regular training, technical and audit support to the City of Melbourne to ensure that the tool is utilised to its fullest extent.


CCAP Integrated provided the City with a consistent methodology to curate their disparate data sources, particularly in relation to their supply chain. The one touch NCOS reporting significantly streamlined resources required for reporting.Since implementing CCAP Integrated, the City has seen significantly increased engagement with sustainability data across the organisation, with over 15 active tool users.

CCAP Integrated plays a key role in managing our organisation’s emissions impact. It gives us greater structure and transparency to our environmental data, as well as simplifying the management of our high volume and complex retailer billing. This improved management provides the data and evidence we need to identify and drive further improvements across our assets and supply chain.
— Kim Le Cerf, Team Leader – Low Carbon Future City of Melbourne